Wildlife and Wild Fun at El Porto

Super mega fun surf session today at El Porto.  The waves weren’t huge, but they were fun and constant.  I can’t even tell you how many rides I caught today (a score? a baker’s dozen?), but man was I beat when we called it quits.  The waves were these little, but strong 2-3+ foot rollers that would just come by and pick you right up.  You barely had to paddle and you never had to move. They just came right to you.  Plus we had a good crew, Aaron, Josh, Jordan and I all turned out today.  Not that there was much down time, but the conversation was lively when we did have the rare lull.

Big news from the day – Aaron took out Kruisechev…and it didn’t even get a scratch!  He also let me take a turn on it.  That board is a tank.  You just think about catching a wave and it picks right up and drops you into a wave.  If ever a board was a cruiser, it’s Kruisechev.

Also, the wildlife was out in full force today.  Pacific White-sided Dolphins were not only swimming past the line up, but also riding in and jumping out of the waves.  One nearly took Josh, Aaron and me out in one swoop.  But the star of the show was a sea lion pup that wandered up on to the beach and started dancing with my wife.  Once it was established that the sea lion and Mrs. Jeff were an item, the sea lion pup (who Mrs. Jeff has dubbed “Tiny Dancer”) would bark at anyone who came too near and threatened their romance.

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