Star Sighting

While driving to Fridays at El Porto this morning, I had a star sighting at Rosecrans and Sepulveda. Granted it was only a star to me, but awesome all the same.I pulled up to the intersection. A car pulled up in the left turn lane. I took fleeting glance at the guy driving. I thought to myself, “Man! That dude looks just like Bob Bradley*.”For whatever reason, I didn’t look back at the car to confirm. One’s wits are not totally sharp when driving at dawn. The green left arrow came on and the cars in the left turn lane proceeded forward.Only now did I look back over at Pseudobob Bradley. I took a second look. I thought again, “Man! That dude really does look just like Bob Bradley.”Finally it hit me. There was nothing pseudo about him. It was definitely Bob Bradley. And he was driving away. I wanted him to know that I appreciated his work thus far with the team and to keep up the good work. As quickly, but suavely as I could, I tossed Bob a superthumb.I don’t know if he saw it at all, but if he did it was only fleeting. That so, I suspect my superthumb was just as easily interpreted as me giving him the finger.So Bob Bradley, well done, dude. You are making American soccer fans proud. And you are not being given the bird at 6:20am, but rather being saluted and cheered on.*Bob Bradley is the current (and incredibly successful considering the legacy he had to inherit) coach of the US Men’s National Soccer team.

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