Ripping on the Southside of HB Pier

Yesterday, after my Jackass-like session (I should have had someone donkey punch me to soften the blow), I made my way up to Harbour to pick up my new bike rack. (See bike rack review).  I installed the rack which claimed to be able to carry boards up to 10 feet.  So, I grabbed my longest board – my 9 foot Harbour Quatro – and headed to the ocean.  I stopped at the south side of the Huntington Beach pier.

Todays secret ingredient: RAIN!

Super strange thunder storms rumbled all last night, but no rain came.  Today, it finally seemed to come, but only in spurts.  Still the rain must have made all the difference from yesterday, because it was a great sesh.  First off, the pier was crowded – way crowded.  However the waves were spectacular – 5 footers and more.  Because I was on the longer board, I was able to pick up the waves before all the short boarders*.  I was tying in to those waves and flying down the faces – bottom turns, top turns, floaters… I even tried an aerial once, but that did not go so well.  I ended up more like a ejection from the surfboard.

*What is it about short boarders always clogging the HB pier?  Is it some kind of proving ground?

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