Both Sides of the Pier

Waves not quite as good as yesterday, but still good.  3-4 footers, but nothing much over that at the end of the sets like yesterday.  And the rip was extra strong today.  I started out on the south side of the pier and by the time I got out I was at 9th Street.  But for the most part, it was all lefts today, but good long rides.  I’m going to have to learn to go goofy foot so I can take those front side.  But, MAN, did I get pooped today.  Fighting the current took all my energy.  When I caught a wave it was almost a relief to give my arms a break…until I had to paddle back out again.

Most notable today were these three knuckleheads bobbing near the pier.  From their converstation (which I would have prefered not to hear) I gathered they were all real estate agents.  But, much like their boards and wetsuits would suggest how they saw themselves as surfers, they seemed to think of themselves as real agro real estate agents – dropping F-bombs galore and talking about how stupid everyone else is (espeicially their “idiot clients”).  I never did see them catch anything though.  Not really commenting on them as surfers so much just as human beings.  No problem, though.  I paddled farther up the beach until I found some more genial dudes to hang with.

I am totally becoming my mom out in the water though.  My mom is notrious for making friends anywhere and talking to anyone.  Surfing by yourself can often be lonely and the more I do it, the more I find myself striking up conversations with almost anyone out in the water.

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