Eating It at 9th Street

My bike rack broke last week.  So I was off to Harbour to pick up a new on.  On the way, while driving on PCH, the waves looked fun and the sun was out, so I stopped for a quick surf session. Luckily I happened t have the Spherical Revolver in the car and a pair of trunks.  I stopped and paddled out at 9th Street Huntington Beach.  I had been fooled by last weeks warm water and today’s sun.  Trunks were not the way to go as the water had turned to the low 60s.  No matter, I was only out there for a quick sesh (or so I told myself.)

The forecast had prediced 2-3 foot waves, which was pretty accurate, and the waves were pretty good too.  Good size and strength.  Better still, there was very little traffic in the line up so I had my pick of the set waves.  But for some reason, I repeated blew the take off and dug the nose in for spectacular face plants.  Either the cold got to me more than I thought it would, or I was just a kook today.  The later is probably more likely.  Poor Spherical Revolver; I did not do it justice today.

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