What is Stinkbutt?

This may go by other names in different areas, but I’ve always known it as stinkbutt. (Let me know if you’ve heard of different terms for this.)

Stinkbutt is when a surfer is riding down a wave with their buttocks protruding out. Essentially it looks like you are cutting the cheese or poopin’ yourself – hence stinkbutt. Stinkbutt is especially prominent if you are riding a wave front-side since your tail is sticking out toward the observer.

Stinkbutt is most common with kooks and newbs, but will affect all surfers on occasion.

Stinkbutt usually results from poor balance or bad overall surf style, but can also just result from a lucky photo at a bad angle.

Por ejemplo, he I am stinkbuttin’ it up going into a bottom turn:

I'm only moments away from full stinkbutt

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