Surprise Saturday Session and Harbour Board Swap

Harbour Surfshop had a board swap today.  They have this every year, but I’ve never been able to make it before, so this year I was determined to go.  I offered up the idea of a pre-swap surf session to the other Portoers, but I didn’t get any definite bites.  But by Saturday morning both Mike and Josh were rolling down to Huntington for some surf.  Oo-de-lollie!

We cruised PCH for a few miles and finally decided on Golden West as it had the best looking peaks.  On the walk from the car to the waves both Josh and I lamented bringing the wrong boards.  Of course, the boards turned out to be fine; Josh and I both need to break our habit of worrying about “what could be” on the way to the waves.  Once out there, the waves were fun and the boards performed just fine.

The waves were awesome 3-4s with good strength and long rides.  Good solid waves, great for practicing.  The crowds were still low when we paddled out.  The weekend warriors hadn’t arrived yet.  So we all rode more than our fair share of waves.  Eventually our stomachs ran empty and had to go in search of food.

Afterward we headed over to the board swap, which was awesome.  Saw and got to chat with lots of friends.  I didn’t find any treasures I couldn’t live without, but Josh picked up a nice Revolver-ish board.

It was a glorious Saturday.

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