Dedication: Vespa Surfboard Rack

Had a fun if small morning trek to Sunset Cliffs with Aaron, Uzair, Chris W and Jordan. The small size suited those who had missed the past few months, the cold water was largely ignored, everyone got a few waves and we stayed out for two hours or so. Felt great to have a fun posse out there.

Spotted this brave soul on the drive home, headed inland on Wilshire Blvd. That little Vespa scooter with the board strapped to it looks like a dangerous combo when a gust of wind blows sideways, but you have to admire the dedication.

I’ve never seen this add-on before but you moped owners can get one from the manufacturer (Caver Surf Racks) or on Amazon.


  1. nabil on 2 May 2010 at 8:20 pm

    this is cool. i love it when people are dedicated to surfing. This reminds me of a bunch of people i saw in hawaii that would ride their vespa, and just sit on their surfboard!! they basically just wedged the end of their board between themselves and the seat. Looked soooper dangerous.

  2. Jeff on 3 May 2010 at 10:33 am

    I once saw a dude with an overhead rack he’d made for a scooter. I wish I’d taken a picture, it was genius.

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