More Secret Sauce (But the Sauce has Gone Bad)

For the most part, the waves were crunchy little 2-footers with oddly dangerous closeouts.  We all had to hit the eject button a few times to avoid driving our boards and ourselves into the sand in the shallow break.  But the crew was 4 strong with Mike, Sweet Relish, Peeble Rain and me.  So even thought the waves were bunk, this was still super fun since I had some buds to chat with.  Plus I got to see another Peeb original board in action – the Jolly Rancher.  Most interesting.

AND I was able to try out my new board – The Merlin.  That’s right, new board.  I’ll post some pictures later, but the quick description is a 10 foot tanker made for gliding and nose-riding.  She’s a beaut.  I had a few good rides on her, which is super promising since the waves weren’t much to begin with.  I’m really looking forward to taking her out in some proper waves.

On an odd note, we saw a gross, bloated fish corpse on the sand.  It was hard to identify, but it looked like a ray, skate or sand shark of some sort.  But it really gave me an embarrassing case of the willies.  Usually I’m okay with stuff like that, but the surprise of it shocked me.  I was picking up trash after our session and without my glasses on it just looked like some random refuse. But when I got close to pick it up the trash became bloated death with eyes and mouth.  Ew.

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