Sunset Surf Session at Beach Bowls

Work had me at the desk all day today. Mrs. Jeff had a meeting to go to in the evening, so I went to the garage to see her off. Once she driven away, I stood there surrounded by my surfboards trying to motivate myself to get back to work. It didn’t happen. The ocean was calling and it was just too easy to go.

I pulled out my bike and strapped the Electric to the bike rack. Luckily my trunks were drying in the garage so I went for the quick change. I didn’t bother closing the garage back up thinking I can change super fast. I wasn’t fast enough though. A lady rode by on her bike and I inadvertantly gave her a brief, and no doubt surprising peep show.  The full Monty.

The surf session itself wasn’t anything special. (Well, all surfing is special, but nothing particularly noteworthy happened.) It was typical dusk conditions – choppy, undefined waves. The red tide from this morning was still prominent. But the water is still warm and the sunset was gorgeous.

When I got out of the water the scene at the show was a comical caricature of the southern Californian lifestyle. An old hippy in a Mexican poncho played a bongo. A tattoed gentleman rode by on a super tall unicycle. A gaggle of children splashed each other with water and got me involved when I passed by. An eccentric man searched for treasure with his metal detector. And, of course, the proverbial blond haired surfer (me) stood staring blankly at the scene.  The waves crashed and the sun set behind the pier. You know, just like it always happens in southern California.


  1. The Nug on 23 September 2009 at 10:22 pm

    I thought today was going to be a good evening session. Was hoping the offshores kicked in when I got home. Surf sucked but ran into my shaper and may get a new sled. Tomorrow I have a feeling will be fun and offshore in the evening.

    • Jeff on 24 September 2009 at 4:01 pm

      Did you head out in the evening like you thought?

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