Fun Rides at Beach Bowls

Another quick surf session at Beach Bowls.  The sets tended to come frequently and provide a few decent rides, both rights and lefts.  But when the high tide came in the sets got mushed out a bit.  If you are planning to go out tonight though, should be good if the wind stays down.

I caught one particularly good wave on the tail end of the set.  The best part was that I’d already made up my mind to take the next one in.  Then a shoulder to head high wave rolled in and I slid right on it.  It was fast and strong and I rode it right up the reform (but stopped short!).

The trickiest thing today was getting out.  The reforms were breaking right on the beach.  And not just piddly reforms, but strong 3 footers crashing down ready to drill you into the sand.  Nasty exits.

Water and air both still surprisingly warm and delightful.  I don’t remember a summer where I’ve gone on wearing trunks for nearly 3 months straight.  Craziness.  Red tide still prevalent in the water, but not to worry, it won’t hurt you.  It just sounds menacing.

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