Sunday Super Session Redux

Peter (Thunderlips) has been heading down to Bolsa Chica semi-regularly on weekends.  Since that’s in my neck of the woods he’s been kindly inviting me to join them the last few trips down.  Today it finally worked out.  Thunderlips brought his friend Tracy with him as well.  The three of us paddled out to what was to become another Sunday Super Session.  (What is it with when my fellow Portoers come down to HB on Sundays?)

The waves were fantastic.  Constant 3 footers with bigger sets on occasion.  The line up had plenty of people, but it never felt crowded.  As Peter said, the crowds never seemed to interfere with our wave count.  We stayed out there until our arms gave out.  So many great waves. When we finally did decide to call it a day, I said, “It’d be great if a long left came to take me back to our parking spot.”  30 seconds later a lovely little 3 footer rolled up, grabbed me for a ride and took me all the way to the shore…right near were we parked.  How many times is that last wave that perfect?

None of us had a watch (since it was Sunday afterall) so we didn’t pay too much attention to the time.  But by the time I returned home it was four hours later.  It was a perfect surf session.

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