My New Michel Junod Pumkin Seed Surfboard

Seeing The Present was the first time I’d ever heard of Michel Junod or seen his surfboards in action.  In fact, Michel Junod was at the screening of the movie when I saw it.  When I got home from the movie, I immediately Googled it up.  There was some peripheral information, but nothing direct from the man himself.  He has a website, but it was just a slide show and text that read “Full site soon.”  (That was six months ago, the full site is still due soon.)  So, I filed Junod away into the “keep an eye out for his board” category, right next to Tyler and Bing.

Last week, Peter was cruising Craigslist for board, like we all do from time to time, and he found this board and sent it to Aaron.  Aaron’s been looking to size down a bit and this was right up his alley.  However, Aaron has his sights set on a Harbour Spherical Revolver and as tempting as this board was, he’s focused on his prize.  Aaron then forwarded this listing to me to show me what Peter had found.  It was very similar to the Junod board featured in The Present.  I asked if he was considering it, Aaron said no.  I asked if Peter was considering it, also no.  (Peter is currently working on shaping his own board!)

But if this was legit, the deal was increadble.  It was a $700-$800 board in great condition up for $350.  So I emailed the owner and asked if he had more photos.  The photos looked great.  I didn’t sleep well that night.  It gnawed at me.  It was a great deal for a great board and none of us where going to go for it.  The next morning, I emailed the guy again with some more questions.  He emailed right back with the answers and an extra note, “I’m moving out of the country in two weeks.  Need to sell this.  First one here with cash gets the board.”  Dude!

Two things hit me right then.  One, the deal was so good that if it turned out I didn’t like the board, I could easily sell it off again for at least $350 and probably plenty more.  Second, someone within the Portoers should have this group, we all thought it was a sweet board.  I hated the idea of this board going to a bad home.  But like a good husband I made a call to the wife. “Oh baby, the board is so sweet and if I don’t get it now, some chump will get it and not love it and leave it in a dark garage for years and years.”  My wife being the sweet lady she is said, “Well, I didn’t know what I was going to get your for your birthday anyway, so quick talking to me and go get it.”  I hemmed and hawed a bit longer, meanwhile texted Aaron over and over, “I don’t know, dude…” trying to talk myself out of it.  Finally Aaron texts me, “Log off and go get that board.”  I logged off and made a quick dash up to Venice and now this Michel Junod is sitting happily in my surf rack.  (Good thing I built it with extra spaces!)

This is the first frivolous board I’ve ever bought.  I realize that frivolity is relative, but I mean that it is the first board I’ve ever bought that didn’t fill a missing niche in my quiver.  My Revolver or Electric could do the same job this Michel Junod could.  But hey burritos, tacos and soft tacos are all nearly the same thing, but sometimes you get a real particular hankerin’.  I took it out for its maiden voyage last Friday and it was awesome.  I look forward to a long and happy lifetime with it.

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