Sou’wester at Bolsa Chica

Taking my own advice, I rode down to Bolsa Chica early today (near the main tower), and man, oh man, what a difference from last evening.  The waves were lovely little a-frames in the thigh-to-chest high region.  There were a few steep take offs, but nothing the Quatro wasn’t ready to handle.  (The rider goofed it a few times, but the board quite capable.)

I made friends with an old-timer out there today.  We’d take turns on waves, wipeout, then laugh about how bad we ate it.  “Oh man! Did you see that?  I dug the nose right in.”  “Jeeze, I slipped right off the rail!” “Dude, I don’t even know what just happened.”

Otherwise, just a nice mellow surf session with a lot of waves.  On the bike ride back, I passed another dude waking out of the water with a Harbour Banana.  My Harbour Quatro was prominently strapped to the bike.  We quickly spied each other’s Harbourness and exchanged the “knowing nod” and a thumbs up.

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