Nor’easter at Bolsa Chica

If I didn’t alreayd know that tomorrow is the official first day of fall, I’d have said it arrived today.  Jack Lordy were those winds howling and churning up the ocean this afternoon.

I’ve been riding my bike to Bolsa Chica and back, preparing myself for an upcoming backpack trip.  It was windy as all get out, lots of kite surfers having a good time out there.  And for some nutty reason I decided to bring my board with me and ride a few waves en route.

And of all boards, I brought my nine-foot Quatro out with me, which was akin to lashing a sail to my bike.  I really put the Carver Surf Rack to the test today.  There were a few creaks and moans out of the piping that had me worried.

When I got to Bolsa Chica it looked like an Atlantic ocean storm – all wind chop, sand churned into the water…you know, chowder.  (Say it in your best Kennedy impersonation – CHOWDAH!)  But I brought the board all the way there, no way was I not going out.  I managed to catch a few in the slop and called it even.

But I did meet a delightful couple vacationing from Georgia on my way back. They were looking for a place to rent surfboards.

I’m going to have to plan this conditioning rides for the morning if I want to get any surf out of them.


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