Laughing and Laughable

The forecast for the day looked small but fun.  Upon arrival, the waves looked downright dismal.  But so many of us managed to wriggle away from our daily grinds that we definitely had a case of, “we’ve come this far.”  So we all suited up and waxed up our boards (except Tracey who decided to bail).  Sean, Mike, Josh, CW, Jorge, Peeb and I paddled the short paddle out in the teeny, tiny surf.  Nina cheered us on from the beach.  We comically paddled in for little ripples and even managed to catch a few.  But the best part was we were all laughing out loud at the absurdity of the surf session.  That alone made it all worth while.  So we did the best we could with what we had. Then the tide shifted and started up a backswell that had bigger waves then the ones heading toward the beach.  We called it a day and headed to Fantastic Cafe for a rockin’ breakfast.  Breakfast Special B!

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