Happy Independece Day

The big swell is starting to arrive, but not in the glorious fashion I was hoping for.  The waves have reached head high and better, but they are section so the rides tend to be short followed by getting blown up by extreme white water.  However, the drop-ins were awesome.  There was a pretty strong northbound rip too causing the few of us out surfing to do a lot of laps to avoid floating up to Bolsa Chica. Tomorrow’s forecast predicts waves up the 7-8 foot range…we’ll see how that goes.

I rode up the ocean around 7am on my bike and the  beach was already packed with holiday-goers.  I’m talking from water to parking lot packed with easy ups, barbeques, football games (both American and world), crying kids, laughing kids, lost kids… It was like one of those old pictures of Coney Island from the 1930s.  Luckily though, everyone was on the beach and only two other dudes were in the water, so we did have the waves to ourselves.  Just finding parking (even for bikes) was tough.

Happy Birfday, America.

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