Goodbye, Big Swell

The big swell has left us, leaving sizable waves that lack the impetus to pitch over. The waves would build to the tipping point, then ebb, then build again and finally break on the inside. But every so often, a great set would come and break on the outside. But by the time that set came most everyone had lost their patience and gone to play on the inside scraps.

I took the Electric out, in my continuing theme of a different board everyday. I nearly took the Revolver out. Looking back, I think the Revolver might have been a better choice. I might have caught a few more of the waves I was on the cusp of catching. I ultimately opted for the Electric thinking this would be my last chance for some sizable waves with it, but alas…it was not to be.  Tomorrow, Revolver action for sure.

But as always, I caught a few good ones and I was grateful to be able to paddle out.

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