More Sluggish Swell

Same waves today as yesterday – sluggish shoulder-high swells that refused to pitch over.  On very rare occasions the some lovely peaks would appear, but they’d peter out just as fast as they built up.  I only saw one guy ride a wave all the way from the outer break to the shore.  We all tried to make it that far, but it just wasn’t happening.  But I did take the Revolver out which definitely made the difference between catching a wave and just missing it.  But they were all short lived victories.  I know those epic sessions were only a few days past, but it seems like so long ago.

The most fun waves were on inside break, but that area was clogged with surfers trying to get their photo ops taken care of before the tours start back up.  Fighting for any of those was out of the question.  Although when I was paddling in, I did see one dude get the longest, sweetest, tiniest barrel.  He was crouched down as far as he could go, but rode the green room all the way.

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