Golden Boy is Back! (But the Swell is Still Gone)

My Spherical Revolver made its triumphant return to the ocean today!  Unfortunately, the swell didn’t quite cooperate.  The waves were good size today, but like yesterday they just didn’t have the umph to pick us up.  The waves would roll up and look all delicious.  Donnie and I would be tempted by their siren song and paddle for them.  But just when they would normally jack up and curl over on any other day in Huntington, they’d just peter out and slink away instead.  Even when we did get on a wave, all efforts were focused on staying on the mushy lumps.  It wasn’t like we were having a wild time once you caught a ride.

Still the water was super warm, in the 70s.  And once the sun came out, the water was a brilliant, deep aqua and crazy clear.  We could see the sandy floor below us about 12 feet down or so.

And many, many mahalos to the dude that fixed up the Revolver.  He did one heck of a job.  It actually took me a while to even find where the ding had even been.  What a great board.  If you don’t have one, you should seek one out directly.

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