Should Have Been There Yesterday

Today was not yesterday.

The water had sand churned into it and no longer had the clarity of yore.  The water also had these disagreeable frigid patches I kept passing through.  The chop was way up on the Richter scale and the waves had dropped in size and strength.  And there were jackals swarming the pier that tried to claim every waves as their own.  Most waves wound up with 3 or 4 guys on it all barking at each other about whose wave it was.  Essentially, everything that made yesterday awesome was opposite today.  I definitely had a case of Endless Summer.

If you do go out in Huntington, try the southside of the Pier.  That looked like a better choice.

I had one dude faux-recognize me today.  I had just paddled out to the line up and he says, “Aren’t you the guy who usually surfs the stripped longboard?”  I don’t have a stripped longboard, so I don’t think it was me.  I replied, “Depends.  Does that guy surf awesome?”

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