Fun Waves All To Ourselves

Although there were lots of “affirmatives” on the EPF roster for surf this morning, jet lag, school projects and work whittled the crew down to just Mike and me this morning.  The forecast called for some pretty nice swell action, so we opted for Aaron’s Sweet Spot rather than fight the crowds at El Porto.  The waves aren’t quite as big as El Porto, but if El Porto is getting 6-footers, and I can get all the 5-footers I want at the Sweet Spot, the choice is easy.

Mike and I nearly had the joint to ourselves.  We saw few other dudes paddle out way down the beach, but never even got within shouting distance of anyone else.  And thus, we really had every wave we wanted.  Granted we didn’t make every wave we tried for, but every one we did catch was ours for the taking.

After I’d hopped off one wave and started paddled back I was Mike sprinting for a doozy.  He caught it and flew down the face right toward me so I had a bird’s eye view of the whole ride.  The wave was head-high and Mike looked cool and collected the whole way down.  When we’d both paddled back I told Mike, “That was AWESOME!”  He replied, “That was a bit big.”

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