Dog Surfing Competition

I attended the Dog Surfing Competition I mentioned a while back.  Then my compy crashed.  But now I am back up to full speed and I can finally bring you my pictures from the event.  The dogs were all awesome at the competition.  But it was clear that some of the dogs were terrified of surfing, and some of them absolutely loved it.  The Boston Terriers (and Boston Buddies) were out in force.  There was one heat that was all Boston Terriers.  (Yes, they had surfer categories, heats, a point system and winners announced.  They even had judging criteria posted before the event.) Also, there were plenty of great causes represented at the event and many dogs looking for homes were adopted that day (hooray!).  If they hold this event again next year, I recommend going.  It was good fun.  And those dogs were PUMPED!

Without further ado, dog surfing pics (click to enlarge):

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