Bright Rights, Surf City

Sorry for the delayed afternoon post, but the waves were just that good.  I was out there until my arms were ready to fall off.  The waves were super fun, waist to head high and strong.  Lots of face to maneuver on and long rides.  Glorious.  Glorious, I say!  Better still, crowds were super light, so wave pickins were high.

But I did make two mistakes.  First, I had Mexican food before going surfing.  More specifically, I had a full order of supreme nachos.  It was not easy to keep that down when I paddled out.  Bleh.

Second, I forgot to bring my solar eclipse goggles. The setting sun and clear skies made for some insanely bright conditions.  The sun was shining right into my eyes and the reflection off the water was also shining right into my eyes.  It was like having a staring contest with The Almighty.

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