Over the Falls


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After posting about pearling, we had a few questions about going over the falls.  Going over the falls, is kind of the opposite of pearling.  Rather than diggin the nose into the base of the wave, going over the falls involves getting caught in the cycle of the wave and actually rolling with the curl and being tossed in front of the wave (where you are usually then put immediately into the spin cycle).

Often you may find yourself going over the falls when trying to paddle through a wave at the last possible moment.  Tell me if this sounds familiar.  You are caught on the inside and a massive wave is honing in on you.  You paddle like the dickens to get over it.  The wave peaks up, you push your nose though and your head pops out the back.  You made it!  Oh, wait.  Something is tugging at your ankles… You get sucked back into the wave and get tossed up and over in the curl into the chowder.  You wash up on the beach, broken, bashed.

Here’s a video example:

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