All Bark No Bite

The forecast was claiming 2-3+ and fair conditions for this morning, so I was excited about the prospect of some decent surf. I haven’t had a really solid day in a long while.  For a bit it looked like Peeb might be able to join me for the fun, but both of our schedules got in the way.

So I paddled out into what looked like super promising waves. I wanted to head out by the pier, but the US Open in on in full swing now, so I opted for Beach Bowls.  The waves had size and shape, but next to no strength.  There was just no umph behind them. It was super frustrating the whole session.  It’d look like a guaranteed wave was coming your way and then it would pass me by as if I wasn’t even there.  Part of the problem was that I’d brought the wrong board out.  Maybe if I’d had the Merlin, I’d have had a much better chance, but alas…

Much later on I found out that @lkilpatrick had been trying to invite me out for a surf session and I missed that too.  Double Whammy!  Reading his twitter feed, he stopped by Harbour to pick up a new board, surfed Seal Beach, passed right through Huntington and then surfed San O.  He clearly had a much better surf day than I did.  Sorry I missed you, buddy.

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