The El Porto Friday I Missed Out On

Boy, did I ever goof today. I sent out an email yesterday asking if anyone was planning on paddling out this morning. But do to an email snafu (of my own doing), I didn’t get any responses and I thought it was going to be an off week. Imagine my surprise when I started getting “where are you?” texts and calls in the wee hours of the morning. Turns out most everyone went this morning.

Here’s a quick report from Jordan, our star correspondent on the scene:

2 Mikes, 2 Js, and one A showed up this morning. The clouds swallowed the sun and the waves appeared small. With no expectations we walked to the shore. After some time in the water, the fun began; there were good little rides (and a few larger) all around. We shared a few and some we did not. As we got in our cars we all felt good about a decent morning and Josh sang songs, none are appropriate for this blog.

However, I did get to sleep in and had a scrumptious breakfast burrito from Nick’s in Seal Beach with my lovely wife, so that was super awesome.

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