Another Crap Session, with Video!

I think I may have Greg’s Curse.  It could be that there hasn’t been a good swell in a while or could be something else, but I think I have the voodoo stink on me.  This explains why I’ve not had anyone to surf with in so long, why I’ve botched the easiest of meet ups in the last two weeks.  Karma knows I’m a goocher and is keeping me away from others.  The best ride I had was a sandy faceplant while trying to get shacked. I am in a good old fashioned slump. I’m going to have to do some McConaughfronds to cleanse my juju.

Today was the same as yesterday (size and shape but no strength).  And I tried to rectify yesterday mistaken board choice and brought out the Merlin, but it really didn’t fix anything.  And the lifeguards weren’t helping either – they kept blackballing the beach so I’d have to paddle farther and farther up the beach until I was nearly in the US Open contest zone.

But I did get a quick video of the lackluster surf! (Inspired by @stokemaster)


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