Where Are the Waves? El Porto Friday Video Episode 7

Editors Note:  This was written the day of the video.  My computer is still acting up and the video has some issues (weird bits of audio in there), but its time has come. So, imagine it’s last Friday…

We had a hard time finding the waves today.  Mostly 1-2s that teased more than actually curled.  But the size of the crew definitely didn’t reflect the size of thew waves.  We were a half dozen strong with Mike, CW, me, Chrissie, Uzair and Josh.  And once again, I was WAY overzealous in bringing the Electric.  Still, if you picked off the right corner, there were a few long rides to milk out of those teeny, tiny waves.  But, because of that, the crowds were smaller than usual, “but still too crowded for the wave size,” Chrissie said.  She then followed by declaring, “I’m OUT!” and rode a wave in.

MMcC-EPF-2There was a period of about 20 minutes when the tide seemed to be just right and we all got a few fun ones.  But this week’s video is pretty short as there just wasn’t too much out there today.  I tried to funk it up a bit with some 70s style to help entertain you.  After watching this video you’ll want to get in line to see Star Wars at the megaplex for the fifth time (after a few rounds of Space Invaders, of course).  In fact, you’ll probably feel just like McConaughey looks in this photo (click to enlarge).  You’ll feel McConaughdazed.

Extra Special thanks to sneakmove.com (the sweet sounds of the universe) for providing the music.  If you are looking for some groovin’ tunes to add to your mp3 collection, sneakmove is the way to go.  Honestly, I was like a kid in a candy store.  The worst part was have to pick only one song out of so many gems.  And you have to admit, the music makes this video.

As always, please comment and rate the video!  Enjoy.


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