Vacation Surf – Solana Beach

My wife and I are using some of our free nights we accrued from Holiday Inn Express while on our summer road trip during this week.  But after driving from HB to Key West and back we didn’t want to drive too far, just far enough.  We opted for Solana Beach so we could hit up Cardiff and Torrey Pines and all that.  (Plus it put me real close to Swamis and other notable breaks!)  I brought my Revolver with me – my go to board, my travel board.

So this morning I woke up, grabbed my Spherical Revolver and headed down the stairs over the cliff to the ocean below.  From the top of the cliff the waves looked great, but I’d never been to Solana Beach before so I didn’t know for sure what I was in for.  As far as I could see (and I could see quite far) there were only two other dudes in the water.  Only two dudes, maybe this isn’t a sweet spot?

I paddled out.  The water was super clear and super glassy.  At ocean level the waves seemed about 3-4 feet and peeling fast.  I didn’t have to wait long before a wave came right into my wheelhouse.  I paddled in and popped up.  I drove the line for a bit and felt out the wave.  I started swerving up and down, still sweet.  I started carving hard into the wave.  I stalled up into the shoulder.  Finally I thought, “Sweet mother of pearl, this wave is fantastic!”  And all morning I kept catching these same kinds waves.  So good.  Sooooooo good.  I wanted to have all my boards with me to try them all out on these waves.  The only thing keeping this session from being epic was lack of buds.  Always need buds to hoot to for epic surfing.

I don’t know what is typical for Solana Beach, but dude, if this is an average day, this place is the bees knees, the cat’s pajamas.  I can’t wait to paddle out tomorrow.  (I’ll try and get some pics for you, but if the waves are great again, don’t count on it.)

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