Two Days in a Row!

My wife and I bought a tow trailer recently. We took it out to Bolsa Chica just to practice towing it and opening it up. And since we were at Bolsa…

I brought the Merlin with me for some longboarding fun. But when we arrived in the afternoon, most of Bolsa was blackballed. I had to walk up to Sunset for surf clearance. It was mostly little choppy twos that weren’t worth riding. But I was so pumped to be surfing two days in a row I went out anyway.

Closer to sun down, the blackball was called off, so I moved south into Bolsa proper. The waves were considerably better there. Got lots of good practice on the Merlin until I had just enough light left to take the camper down.

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  1. Duane on 28 June 2010 at 11:05 pm

    Whoah! That camper thing waaayy cool! Can I move there and rent it out? You guys could just drive wherever you normally go and tow me around. When you go to the store I’ll come out and buy food, and when you decide to surf I’ll come out and join you!

    That thing is perfect for San Onofre.

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