Three Days in a Row, With Trunks!

My wife and I took the camper down to Bolsa Chica again.  And though the June Gloom loomed heavy over the majority of the day, there was a small window of sun that I took advantage of.  I didn’t even bring my full suit, so I was braving it no matter what, but I was super thankful for that patch of sun.  It made for a nice, albiet short sesh.  Hopefully the water continues to stay warm.

The south swell definitely arrived and the waves were pumping.  So much so, and due to my infrequent surfing, it took me two attempts to actually make it out.  Once I did make it out I took one left and saw that they’d already blackballed the beach.  MAN!  I stayed out for a few more waves then headed in.

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