Turn Any Day Into a Great Day

Today progressed as a fine day to be sure, but without having lived out the end of it, I can assure you, today is now a GREAT day. While driving to lunch today I was treated to “Safety Dance.” Anytime this happens, Federal Law mandates that the day is from that point on “a great day.” I haven’t seen the video for that song in decades but hearing the song on the radio always make me conjure up memories of a circa 1800 French peasant strolling through non-descript countryside. This peasant seems to be a kind of pied-piper of midgets and has trouble clapping. Then at one point a shoddy truck picks up the peasant and his flock, which is odd because there were no trucks like that in 19th century France. (Bear in mind that all the impressions I have of this video were forged when I was 7ish when last I saw the video.)

Given the chance, I don’t think I ever want to see the video again for two reasons. 1) It disturbs me, no doubt due to my somewhat unfounded and politically unacceptable fear of midgets. 2) My bastardized memory of the video is so perfectly awesome that seeing the real video would be so horribly different that it would cause me to become irretrievably cross, hence forever questioning all I take to be real.



By the way, it seems the Men Without Hats have not disbanded as logic would dictate. In fact, they have a website so all their fans can keep up with MWH happenings.

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