It Is About Time

Cake are finally releasing a new album. The album will be titled “Pressure Chief” and is slated for a 7 September release. Now, let’s all focus our attention to Garbage. Where’s a new album already?!


  1. Miranda on 1 June 2004 at 1:47 am

    WOO HOO! I shall drive my stickshift while weraing my safetybelt to go get it! I cannot fail with Satan as my motor………
    I’m so tired!

  2. Taube on 1 June 2004 at 6:43 am

    Thank the Lord! My hippie’d out version of the Lordleiter Mix came in the mail today. I got a special present in mine…

    I put the track names on CDDB so that it should recognize the cd when you pop it into your computer (if it accesses said database)…something the Lord should have done if you ask me ;-). You can choose the disc name that you like best. I think you will know my choice.

    For those unlucky few who weren’t privy to the Lordleiter mix mailing, I will be selling mine on eBay. For those of you who can’t wait for me to put it on eBay, just email me and I’ll sell it to the highest bidder.

    Also unrelated, and solely for the Lord, isn’t it weird when you log into an application you built only to be confronted by name calling robots? Ungrateful little turds if you ask me…


  3. Supervixen on 5 June 2004 at 4:56 am

    Yay! Now if they’ll play a show in LA instead of Sacramento, we’re set!

    Garbage is currently in the studio and the album is due in the spring. Shirley Manson said they are moving back to the sound they had on their first album. Good, cause I couldn’t take another “Untouchable.”

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