The XBox's Honest Truth

The XBox, as it turns out, is a well disguised support group. I have been playing an online racing game for a week and I know more about many of the other racers than I do about most of my relatives. And it is not as if the information is solicited by anyone, it just comes out like it is their turn in the truth circle. The best part is, though we do rib and josh each other as much as possible (90% of the racing is taunting), nobody seems to use the personal information for the jesting. Instead one tends to get a chorus of “bummer, Man,” when the beans are spilled.

The funniest thing though is the entrance qualifier. If your abilities are not crisp, the reasons for the lack of crispness tend to be announced immediately. “Sorry guys, I just had three bong loads. I may not be much of a challenge.” “I just finished a six pack. Do you guys mind if I still play?” “I lost my left hand in a prison break, so have to use my foot to play.”

The XBox is also an ambassador for international good will. So far, I’ve raced against three Koreans, two Japanese, one Welshman, one Englishman and one Australian (all living in their respective countries). Often we don’t speak each other’s language, but I’ll tell you one word that is universal – “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” And everyone is laughing so surely that is good for the world.

The Cable Guy’s prophesy is coming true.

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