Party Animals

Some friends had a rockin’ soire…hilarity ensues. There is much to write about as fun was had by all. No one (as far as I know) made a spectacle of themselves (dancing on tables, worshiping the toilet, etc.) My favorite part was my quasi-celebrity status. But before I tell you all that (and since chances are you were there) it is time for reader participation.

I was introduced to Lisa for the first time. However, all the pictures of her are labelled “Liz”, and I later heard her referred to as Elizabeth. Confusion ensues. Before I tell you the sordid details, I leave it to you Dear Reader to come up with her online code name (to protect her identity!).

Please drop all your suggestions in the comment area and I will gather up the best and put them to a vote on the polls.

Speaking of my polls, thanks a lot you bunch of hippies! Dark Side of the Moon on Uke?! Well, I’m learning so you’d better listen when that sure to be stellar rendition is complete. (Though my intentions are to go all the way, history dictates that the end result will be the audio version of the Cliff’s Notes for the lengendary album.)

Also, thanks to Frau Katzedame for the brilliant suggestion of putting a results button on the polls so one can see the poll progress. Though I do relish the thought of all of you learning that you eat pumpkins.

Happy Birthday Taube!

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