SwellWatch Session Logs

I briefly mentioned this in the comments yesterday and thought it might be cool to do a more thorough post about it. Swellwatch is a free feature at wetsand.com that allows you to create an account and keep session logs stored online. The coolest thing about it is that you can customize your logs to track conditions at your favorite beaches and rate your sessions, then the website combines your review with their daily forecast stats.

Once you’ve built up a log for a while, you can track back and see what sessions you rated the highest, then you can cross check the conditions to see what you surf best. That way when you read the forecast, it will allow you to know what to expect from the conditions before you get to the beach, you’ll be better prepared. Plus you can see which board you have the most success on, and you can leave comments about the sessions so it functions like a surfing journal.

You can share your logs among a group of friends if you want, or set it to private so its just a record of your sessions and doesn’t get cluttered with reviews from other people. It’s a totally user friendly interface.

Here’s some screen grabs, and I’ve included my log from this epic sesh we had 2 weeks ago. Click on the picture for a larger version and explanation

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