Harbour Electric

I’ve been jealous of Josh’s Harbour Electric (the orange board you often see Josh on in the pictures).  So I had my own made for me.  I was driving home from El Porto last Friday when Harbour called and said my board was ready for pick up!  Oh joyous day when you get to pick up a new board.  But after the pounding I’d had all week I was spent and had told myself I’d take a day or two off.  But Josh happened to call the next morning and ask if I was interested in paddling out.  I barely said, “I got my new board…,” when he said, “I’m on my way!” and hung up.  It was a pretty nice inaugural session.

So, as you can see the Harbour Electric is a four fin, shortboard set up.  It tends to do best in shoulder high and higher, but I’ve had plenty of fun with it in waist high surf.  It takes off on remarkably steep faces – faces I was sure I would crash on (and probably would have on other boards).  Furthermore, this beauty is FAST and picks up speed in no time flat.  You can be at ramming speed before you hit your bottom turn.

It also features the Harbour 50th anniversary logo, which all Harbour boards made in 2009 will receive.  And it has the slightest green tint to the board that adds to its mystique.  I looks like it should glow in the dark.  I have yet to name the board though.

I can’t wait for winter.

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