Sweet Session at El Porto

This may just be my take on our surf session this morning, but it was epic.  It wasn’t turned up to 11 per se, but it was hovering in the 9-10 area.  Not so much because the conditions were ideal, but because I just felt like I could do no wrong today.  Every ride felt great, like I was getting all I could out of the board and the wave.  (Not technically true, of course, but it felt like it at the time and my grin couldn’t get any bigger.)

I knew we were going to get some good size and strength on the waves this morning countered with a major high tide situation.  My guess was mushy good waves.  So I pulled out the Quatro to give me some extra umph for the paddle, but also some high performance on the face.  Man, oh man was that the right call!  My wave count skyrocketed this morning.  Not only did I get my waves, but I snagged a grip of other waves where I wasn’t in pole position, but the priority surfer wasn’t able to paddle in.  And off I’d go on the Quatro.  Zoooooom!

We had the blue board brigade out in force today too – Mike, CW (Clown Pants), Uzair, Wilson, Chrissie and me.  Everybody’s board was either blue or had blue stripes (except Chrissie’s).

Video compressing and on the way…

Good waves today

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