Super Deodorant

Men’s deodorant (and antiperspirant) has officially gone too far. Deodorant has caught up with the American tradition of “bigger, better, faster.” No longer can one just buy Right Guard or Arrid. Now one only has the choice to buy ARRID XX, ARM & HAMMER ULTRA MAX, DEGREE XTREME BLAST and OLD SPICE HIGH ENDURANCE! As if all men are on a constant state of competing in adrenaline-induced extreme sports. Truth be told, all most men really need is a product that can keep them from getting BO will viciously working the television remote.

Also, if I am careening down a shear mountain cliff, boldly screaming like a banshee in the face of death (as the commercials would have us believe we are constantly doing, causing us to sweat neon colored buckets via vigorous Gatorade hydration)…I assure you, least of my concerns is stinking.

Yesterday I bought the Arm & Hammer Ultra Max. The flavors I had to choose from were Cool Blast, Some sort of extreme Musk and Victory. Gone are the days of my favorite, Unscented. I opted for Victory. I was hoping it would make me smell like a champ. Instead it made me smell like Napalm in the morning.

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