Stellastarr* Is Stellatastic

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My wife, Miranda Kopfschmertzen, Frau, Tuscon and I went to see Stellastarr* a few Wednesdays ago. Although they play most songs as they are on the album (a practice I usually loathe), a splendid time was had by all. First of all, Stellastarr* are British. This threw me off as their web site indicated that they are from New York. Perhaps they just have a very particular and rare New York accent. Second, kudos to the drummer, who was obviously quite taken by the flu, who braved his ailment and played like a champ. What made the show so much fun was that the band were positively giddy by the crowd. We (the crowd) were totally pumped, which in turn stoked the band, which in turn revved the crowd, and so it went all night. Standout track included, “Arlington Queen” (the new single), “Pulp Song” (main set closer), “Jenny” (encore closer) and the infectious, toe-tappin’ “My Coco” of which when it played EVERYONE sang along. (Those of you who have the Hits album, or Stellastarr*’s CD know just how crackin’ that tune is.) When they come to your area, go see them and make them giddy, thus making you giddy, thus making them giddy….) Long live Stellastarr and their asterisk.


  1. Supervixen on 1 July 2004 at 7:08 am

    Thank you, o Lord, for introducing me to this rockin’ band. I listen to their CD almost every day.

  2. Nikki on 2 July 2004 at 1:18 am

    I like the sign that says “Please leave quietly.” That’s like when you chase your kids around right before bedtime and then expect them to settle down and go to sleep.

  3. Lordleiter on 2 July 2004 at 2:17 am

    The silliest part of the sign is that EVERYONE walking out of that joint had just spent 3 hours in front of concert speakers. So even if we were trying to be quiet (which no one was), we were still all having the the post-rock-show “HUH?! WHAT?! HUH!?” conversations.

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