The Invalid

No, The Invalid is not the lost Homer story. Rather, it is the pathetic tale of a lame surfer. I am slightly broken and thus have had very little happen to me of late save for my incessant movie watching. I’d like to tell you that I had a super gnarly wipeout that caused crowds on the beach to gasp in terror and run into the water to rescue my beached body. Sadly, I can only truthfully claim that I crashed in the shallow water and twisted my leg in an easily avoidable accident.

Not to worry, though. It was determined by experts that I should be able to get back in the water by the end of this week. Which is superb since that is exactly when my great American adventure will take me far away from my precious ocean. Don’t get me wrong; I am super pumped to go on my vacation.

To help sooth my woes, I bought myself a copy of “Endless Summer.” I now have it memorized with Star Wars-like detail.

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