Rise Above Plastics with Your iPhone and Surfrider

Still rising above plastics?  Good.  Here’s a new way to help (if you have an iPhone).  There’s a new app called The Extraordinaries where organizations and non-profits are able to get the public to contribute to various causes and campaigns.  For The Surfrider Foundation the Extraordinaries is being harnessed to aid in their Rise Above Plastics campaign.  Their goal is to build a photo-library of single-use plastic trash we see as we’re living our lives. This one is as easy to do as saying no to a plastic bag at the store!

  1. Download the iPhone app The Extraordinaries.
  2. Open up the app on your phone.  Scroll through the Popular tab or Search,  find Surfrider, click for more details.
  3. On the detail page for Surfrider, click Follow.
  4. On the detail page again, click on the orange flag icon when you find discarded plastic.
  5. On the following screen there are some steps to logging the plastic trash:
    1. Take a photo of the debris
    2. Describe the trash
    3. Mark the location
  6. Done! (Easy, right?)

Feel free to check out some of the other causes being championed on The Extraordinaries. There may be some other interesting campaigns to get involved in (like Heal the Bay).  Be the change.  The world is what you make it.

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