Last Minute Holiday Surf Gift Idea – The Car Kit

One week until Christmas and only two nights left of Hanukkah. Still looking for that last minute gift idea for you significant surf other? Here’s a cool gift idea – create a car kit.  There are certain items a surfer should always have in the car. The savvy surfer will always keep these things stored together just in case.  Unfortunately, surfers aren’t usually known for their pre-planning due to our crack-like need to get to the wave.  Here’s where you come in – package these items together in a nice little container to keep them together in the car at all times.

  • 51TBXBng7HL._SL160_Wax – Seriously, how many times have you been in the parking lot and need to surf wax up only to find you have no wax?  Then you have to scrounge from other surfers.  Keep some surf wax in the car (but be sure to keep it out of the direct sun). I like Sticky Bumps best, Zog’s works fine too.
  • 41gq2WXzyQL._SL160_Wax Comb/Wax Scraper – Again, how often have you been in the parking lot, pulled your board out, found that the old, old wax has really smoothed out and you have no wax comb to add some bite back to you wax?  I like the Sticky Bumps comb because they had the foresight to not put the scraper end opposite the comb end.  (When they are opposite, scrapping is crazy painful.)
  • 31ZE1DDX16L._SL160_Fin Key/Multi-tool – “The Tool” is like the Swiss Army Knife for surfing.  It has a fin key, a Phillip’s screwdriver, flathead screwdriver and my favorite, a leash hook to help out with those pesky leash cups that you can’t manage because your fingers are frozen numb.
  • 31ncDzfcGTL._SL160_Sunscreen – I can’t stress this enough.  Always where sunscreen.  Always.  Even on the overcast days.  Especially on the overcast days.  Later You will thank Current You for doing this. Make sure it is water proof of course. Personally, I prefer Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF-85 until I can find a suitable eco alternative.
  • Container – Something to hold all these goodies so they stay together, be creative with this one.  Many things will work like a tupperware container, lexan bottle (reuse an old one!), a box, a bum bag. Decorate them with stickers!  Some companies do make surf specific bags and backpacks like DaKine’s fin bag, DaKine’s Men’s Recon Surf Pack or wet/dry backpacks.


  1. Tracey Thompson on 3 January 2010 at 1:06 pm

    Great list. I haven’t had a car kit in a while (SF streets are rather unsafe for one’s belongings even in the trunk) but I’ve been thinking about putting together another, smaller one with just the most basic items.

    I also recommend a decent first aid kit to round out the list. It’s more likely you’ll use it after stepping on pointy bits in the parking lot than for surf injuries, but it’s good to have and very friendly. I’ve patched up other people with mine which def boosts the karma points. 🙂

    • Jeff on 4 January 2010 at 9:59 am

      First aid kit – genius! Actually that’s just a good idea to have in the car no matter what.

      Sorry to hear that thievery is an issue. That totally stinks. Can’t abide thieves and thievery (whether you are stealing stuff or waves, that’s just plain wrong). But maybe you can keep your car kit in a canvas bag or something by your surf stuff. Or maybe put a curse doll or some sort of creepy item in the kit so if someone does steal it, you at least get the satisfaction of knowing you spooked the ne’er-do-well.

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