Ripple Effect

T677-MM-GLS-TRE-00_150_boxI don’t really remember what drew me to The Ripple Effect movie in the first place.  Although re-watching the trailer does make it look appealing again.  I think the trailer belies the film.  The trailer and the film have very different vibes.

I like the notion of the film – the ripple effect.  And the description speaks to said notion:

The wind carries us on our journey spreading us abroad like ripples in the sea, riding the outward waves to a distant shore while yet always the wind seems to blow us home again. The new Glas Film The Ripple Effect takes you on a journey to the beautiful Islands of The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii while returning home throughout for road trips up the California Coast.

But the film deteriorates into an agro highlights reel.  Which, if you are into that, you’ll dig this.  Watching BIG AIR, CUT BACK, BIG AIR, GUITAR, GUITAR, GUITAR just doesn’t cut it for me.  I like to see the flow and grace that leads up to the air and the cut back.  Surfing is an art and it’s a shame when they reduce it to visual soundbites.

But I might have been able to tolerate all that and still enjoy myself if I wasn’t subliminally and blatantly barraged with “Glas!” throughout the film. I get it, Glas, you want me to notice your brand – mission accomplished.  However, slapping me in the face with through the whole movie results in me not want to by your schwag and not put a link to your site in this post.  So, maybe mission not accomplished.  But maybe I’m just not be the target market.

I love you, Patagonia, fine surfing and outdoor outfitter, pioneer of the 1% For the Planet Program, backer of sweet filmmaker Thomas Campbell and his movies Sprout and The Present.


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