Still Here, No Flames

So I finished, The Da Vinci Code. Did not burst into Hellfire. And thought I did enjoy it, I missed whatever the big deal was. There was nothing proposed in this book that wasn’t either explored on various specials on The Learning Channel or in Scorsese’s The Last Tempation of Christ. Moreover, how foolish does one look when trying to dispel a work of fiction? If we are going that route, I have one or two fallacies the world should be made aware of about the scandalous tome Hop On Pop!

Also, if you have read the book, there seems to be a movie in the works for a 2006 release. Tom Hanks has secured the role of Langdon. Try and picture that, if you can.

Last, I would like to express my extreme upset at having admitted I watched Mona Lisa Smile and then subsequently having NOT burst into damnation’s proverbial ball of fire. When I admitted such viewings, I was under the assumption that I would not be around long enough for people to point and laugh. Rib me if you must.

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