Worst Movie Ever?

Over the years I have seen a lot of garbage cinema. And often campiness or overly-badness can lend itself to the overall entertainment of a film. However, last night I was privy to one of the most obscenely self-indulgent piece of trip ever laid to celluloid. This was Gus Van Sant’s Gerry. Matt Damon and Casey Afflect (who are credited as writers of this movie along with Van Sant) are two dudes named Gerry who get lost in the desert. And hour and forty-five minutes ensues.

I think I am a fairly savvy movie-goer. And even the more obscure and off-the-wall movies I tend to give some credence to. But whatever metaphor they were trying to make; whatever allusion they were trying to convey; whatever existential message they were trying to capture…whatever the point of the entire film was meant to be was grossly missed. And thus, this film is just plain bad. There is no debate to be had on this.

I saw Lost In Translation and really did not like it. But I could see the merits in the film and would quite enjoy engaging in discussion or debate with someone about why the movie was or was not a fine film. There no debate with Gerry. I am not going to debate you, Gerry. This movie is just plain bad and if you think otherwise you are clearly wrong.

My brother told me about this movie before Christmas last year. He kept asking me to see it. I saw it come up on the Sundance channel schedule, so I figured if it was as bad as he claimed at least it would be free. It was not free. I paid dearly.

This may now be my top pick for worst movie of all time. Other movies that were on my short list don’t even compare. These include Clifford (Charles Grodin should have his SAG card suspended), The Minus Man (For shame Owen Wilson) and Isthar (Recently saw again, really wasn’t as bad as I remember it being).

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