Sliding Liberia

Another of my The Surf Network downloads, Sliding Liberia is a surf film right up my alley.  The story goes that Nicholai Lidow had been to Liberia as a student to help out with the UN peace keeping mission.  While there he started looking for waves in his off time.  He surfed many spots, but finally stumbled upong Robertsport which had some nice and consistant surf.  At Robertsport, a lone Liberian (Alfred) showed up with a found bodyboard and paddled out to surf with Nicholai.

Since then Nicholai has kept in touch with Alfred and his family and been back to visit and surf often since his first visit.  In this trip, he brought other surfers with him to both show off the great waves, but also expose his friends to Liberia.  LIberia was torn up by civil war in the last few decades.  Only recently has the UN stepped in and help get the country under control.  It is at the point now where it seems like it might be ready to stand on it’s own, but time will tell.  But by bringing his friends and a film crew along, Nicholai is able to use surfing to bring awareness to an otherwise forgotten corner of the world.

As you know, I am a sucker for a surf films with a subtext, and this one was great.  It’ll remind you to appreciate what you have, inspire you to be a better world citizen, ignite your wanderlust and stoke your surf (not bad for 48 minutes of film!). I fully recommend watching this one.  It is on high rotation in my library.


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