Sliders and Gliders at El Porto

Good times at El Porto today.  As usual, the break looked deceiving disappointing from the parking lot.  Often El Porto looks small and no fun from the lot, but then you get out  into the water and it’s good fun.  I don’t know if that’s because I’ve set my expectation low and then was then surprisingly pleased, or if El Porto just tends to be better than it looks.  Either way, it made for an excellent Friday at El Porto today.  Another good crew today – me, Aaron, Peter, Jordan, Dan and Dave (who appeared later, though he’d been on the south end all morning).

The sun was warm, the water was glassy and the waves were mostly 2-3s, but there were occasional 4s and bigger if you were patient.  And those bigger ones were real gems.  Long rides on large faces make for great runs…and I got several today! These waves were wonderful gentle giants.  Lovely rollers that just strolled through the line up and picked up any rider who wanted to cruise on down the line.  It was nose riding heaven today (if you have that skill set).  Everyone was sliding down these shallow sloped faces with giant grins on their own faces.  Forget being there yesterday, you should have been there today.

It was so fun today, in fact, that I couldn’t bring myself to get out of the water to get my camera for pics.  When I finally, did get out, all my buddies were out too.  So I took pictures of some other folks rockin’ the swell.  If you were there today, you my be here now.  Look for your pic or a pics of your friends! (Everyone looked like a champ today.)

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