Saturday Shorebreak at Huntington and the Electric’s Maiden Voyage

Driving back from El Porto yesterday, I was spent.  After a full week fighting the big surf at Huntington, I though I’d give my arms the weekend off.  But Fate thought differently. I got a call from Harbour indicating that my new board, Electric, was in and ready for pickup.  (Full post for the electric coming soon.)  So, of course I picked it up on the way home.

But this morning, I still thought some rest would be a good idea before embarking on a shorter board.  But again, Fate though differently.  Around 10.30 this morning I got a call from Josh.  He said he was thinking about going out, but needed a buddy to motivate him to get moving.  So I relayed the story of my new board.  Josh said, “Dude.  I’m already in my car.  I’ll see you directly.”

So I prepped the Electric for its inaugural run.  The swell wasn’t exactly ideal and we were getting a late start, but we made the best of it.  Most of the big swell from earlier in the week had faded and the wind chop was getting worse by the minute.  Still, with a bit of patience the good waves came.  And boy howdy did I take to this new board. Right from wave one I was taking off late, flying down shear faces and carving up the wave.  I’d expected the usual break in follies, but that was not to be.  Hopefully this wasn’t a fluke first turn on the board and only better things are to come.

My new Electric in front of the Harbour shop

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